Books by Adri Amanti


A routine run around Oklahoma City’s Lake Hefner at sunset becomes the romantic adventure of a lifetime when Belle steps on a tiny stick and twists her ankle. She’s helped up by Hunter, a man with the saddest eyes she’s ever seen.

After a rocky start and missed opportunities, the couple finally have a first date. And a second.

But is Hunter really over the fiancée who died?
Is Belle ready to give her heart to another man after so many failed attempts at love?

Are either of them ready to be in love again?

Just when it appears this might be the real thing, memories and mistrust boil back to the surface.

Join Belle and Hunter as they search for a real fairy tale romance and learn to let go and start fresh.

Bold Bounty

Welsh noblewoman Morwen Angmire awaits the arrival of her betrothed, the Marquis Delmore Le Chevreaux of France. But before the Marquis can arrive to claim her, the Northmen raid her father’s keep and take her and several other women away to the harsh, cold north, where Morwen is claimed by Bjorn Halden, the devilish but handsome son of the village chieftain.

As winter comes and sailing is treacherous, Morwen must learn to live as a Viking, while to the south some dark horror has arrived in Wales with the French nobleman. Livestock and peasants are found ravaged by what seems to be a large wolf, and the people live in fear.

When the monstrous Marquis comes to claim the woman he was promised, he must battle the valiant Viking.

Who will win the heart of the bold bounty?